5 Nov

Well friends, it is time to bid a happy temporary adieu. Tom and I quit our day jobs and are heading off to SE Asia for the next six weeks, starting in Vietnam and then making our way through Laos and Thailand. While we might pop a track or two up along the way, you likely wont be hearing much from us until mid December. In the meantime check out some of the great blogs we love listed over on the right.

Today’s Indie: Lovin’ / Millionyoung

Here is a smooth send off track from Florida chillwave artist MillonYoung that bottles up the sounds of the tropical beaches and lush jungles we are heading into. The track is off his upcoming album, Variable, out February 12th. Something to sway and sip to….  enjoy and be well. #indie/tory


One Response to “Lovin’”

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