night beds

13 Feb


Today’s Indie: Ramona / Night Beds

‘I know the planets have a way / to meet us back to fate and never / never sever’

You Were Afraid / Night Beds

Now here is something to curl up into and get lost in: Night Beds. I love their debut album so much that it was hard to pick just two tracks to share. Blog legend has it frontman Winston Yellen has had quite the few years: the 22 year old dropped out of college, suffered a serious breakup, camped out in his car, and then with the help of a loan rented a house formerly inhabited by Johnny and June Cash and therein created his debut full length album, Country Sleep. He still resides in the house in Nashville til this day. Or so they say.

Regardless of the how, the resulting album is something to be cherished. In Ramona, Yellen sounds like a less weathered and less burdened Ryan Adams, while You Were Afraid settles into your bones and echoes against your insides. The whole album is on iTunes and well worth the $7.99 it will put you back.  #indie / tory


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