symbols of the west

13 Mar


Today’s Indie: Save my City / Symbols of the West

‘save my city / save my soul / save my body for who knows’

Today’s track comes from a new San Francisco based duo called Symbols of the West, comprised of Nat Kendall and Lauren Stark. There is something both soothing and sinister to this song, its easy on the ears harmonies and steady beat intertwining with echoed and unexpected turns and an underlying feeling you might be up to no good, in a good way; indie pop meets a tinge of clap-along folk with a side of synth.

The track is off of this February’s full length debut, A Thousand Lights. Kendall says, “The album is a family of ten songs, all brought to life through this surreal journey.  Not one lacks heart, passion or authenticity; delivering an offering of truth that will inspire you to dance, beat your chest and fully live.”  Beat away. #indie / tory


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