ocean tides

28 Mar

For almost two years I have posted my indie every Monday, Wednesday, Friday with the diligence and consistency of a morning newspaper delivery, often staying up late the night before or rising early to ensure each post made my self imposed deadline, as if a job depended on it. And I know lately I have been faltering, with a post a week at best. “Real life” has gotten in the way of music life and blog life, such that I have had less time to write and even less to discover music, and I don’t want to put quick shit out for either category. Bare with me, TUATI is still a labor of love, and I wont let it slip away.

Today’s Indie: Ocean Tides / Kyson 

Now that the elephant is out of the room, here is an ethereal track from Australian born, Berlin based singer and producer Kyson, released late last fall. His almost-spoken whisper like vocals in the song’s opening remind me of Jamie’s sultry presence in The xx, and they blend seamlessly with slow moving keys and light washes of rain. You can almost picture this layered sound as fog over the ocean in its title… it’s the perfect ‘do not disturb’ music. #indie/tory


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