9 Apr

Today’s Indie: Demons / The National

‘when I walk into a room / I do not light it up / fuck’

I woke up on this sleepy Tuesday morning elated to find a new track from one of my favorite bands ready for me to devour, but, alas, my elation simmered back down to sleepiness after a listen. While The National has never been known for tearing down a house or slinging catching choruses, and I love them for it, Demons still feels lackluster relative to their other work – a little too monotone, a little too heavy. It is a brave take on dark subject matter (‘I do my crying underwater, I can’t get down any farther’ ) but Demons is just landing me down with its sentiment instead of stirring something up inside of me.

I am still happy to hear Matt’s signature baritone tackle any new material, but I am hoping the rest of forthcoming album, Trouble Will Find Me, due out May 21st, has more of a pull. When Terrible Love came out, it kept me up for days. #indie/tory


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