justin townes earle

10 May

Today’s Indie: Am I that Lonely Tonight / Justin Townes Earle

Wont be the Last Time / Justin Townes Earle

‘maybe I broke myself a promise / that I never meant to keep / it won’t be the last time’

Am I That Lonely Tonight starts with, ‘I hear my father on the radio / singin’ “Take Me Home Again” … sometimes I wish I could just get away / sometimes I wish that he’d just call.’ Having a thrice Grammy winning father will do that to you, and the proceeding tracks of the album Nothings Going to Change the Way You Feel About Me Now follow a somber ripple of Justin Townes Earle’s revelations, as he weaves his words brilliantly through addictions and breakups and really, really bad nights.

While there are some great foot tappers interspersed throughout like Baby’s Got a Bad Idea, I am drawn to the slow the world down tracks on the album, with intimate storytelling that feels like it was made to be heard when you are curled up on the couch on a dreary day, taking in the quiet comfort of the rain. Special shout out to the darling Kristen for sharing. Happy Friday. #indie/tory


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