bear mountain

24 May


Today’s Indie: Congo / Bear Mountain

Rhythm. Soul. Congo. I present the track to send you off into your three day weekend, wherever it may take you, a song that radiates the art of feeling good so perfectly that it drives tingles from your fingers to your tapping toes. Steady tribal beats meet a choppy chorus and the perfect blend of synth pop, made complete by Ian Bevis’ distinct and captivating vocals. Bear Mountain is comprised of Vancouver BC’s Bevis and friend Kyle Stratham, and what started as a pet project has turned into an official album release this week, XO, via Last Gang Records. They remind me of Tanlines meets Passion Pit, with loads more restraint, and I have been getting lost in the album and smiling to myself all morning.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and have a wonderful safe long weekend. We are unplugging and heading up to camp along the Yuba River in Northern Tahoe, captured above. #indie/tory


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