hard to find

18 Jun

Today’s Indie: Hard to Find / The National


‘I can see the glowing lights / I can see them every night  / really not that far away / I could be there in a day’

Trouble Will Find Me. For me, it was not the kind of album that I knew if I really liked after a listen or two, or three, but then suddenly found it bound to my bones, being carried around with me into my day long after its sounds had faded. Etched in Matt’s signature baritone, stretched across a canvas of tremble inducing lyrics and melodies to settle into, it found me and I found it.

Hard to Find is the closing track and provides the perfect sense of an ending to the album, tracing something left behind and lost in cobwebs but present in the mind, from time to time. The National has reminded me, and not for the first time, that patience is a virtue, a very rewarding virtue. #indie/tory


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