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body talk

12 Jul



Today’s Untz: Body Talk (Grum Remix) / Kevin McKay

Grum is back! This is I believe the second track he’s released in the last month or so having taken quite a break before. Welcome back Grum!


maui falls

9 Jul


Today’s Untz: Maui Falls / Damn Right!

Philadelphia based trio, Damn Right! is drummer/producer/designer Tommy Bradel, bassist/producer/vocalist Johnny Fissinger and producer/instrumentalist FLOTE. I saw these guys back in my east coast days when they played with another band member.

The sound has changed over time. In the past, the had a much more jammier element whereas nowadays they seem to be focusing on  a much more structured sound almost like Mansions On The Moon, who coincidentally has similar roots. Check it out for yourself and go grab the free download.

golden ocean

3 Jul


Today’s Indie: Golden Ocean / Miner

‘I need someone to love / yeah someone I can hold in the sun’

A very quick indie hello as Tom and I gear up to head into the mountains for the 23rd Annual High Sierra Music Festival up in Quincy this afternoon for four days of hot sun, cold beers, music, revelry, friendship and barefoot dancing babies. To send us off, a track from Miner, who are playing Thursday and Friday afternoons. A happy early 4th to all! #indie/tory

a few choice songs

2 Jul



Today’s Untz: Magic (Night Drive Remix) / Olympic Ayres

Giving It all / Bondax

Don’t Stop The Dance (Punks Jump Up Remix) / Bryan Ferry

The Way We Are (Bixel Boys Remix) / Kate Boy