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a few choice songs

2 Jul



Today’s Untz: Magic (Night Drive Remix) / Olympic Ayres

Giving It all / Bondax

Don’t Stop The Dance (Punks Jump Up Remix) / Bryan Ferry

The Way We Are (Bixel Boys Remix) / Kate Boy



26 Sep

Today’s Untz: September (Punks Jump Up Remix) / St. Lucia

Today we have an appropriately titled track for this month. St. Lucia has been heavily featured on here with some of their originals as well as their remixes. This time Punk Jump Up flips an already great tune into a latin flavored house anthem with some elements of deep disco.

What I’ve loved thus far about St. Lucia is that both their original and remixed tracks hold up so well on their own. Today though, the focus should be on the booty shaking remix because it’s infectious grooves have got me bouncing in my seat like a freak.

Joe & David (Punks Jump Up) love the cutting edge of punk & alternative culture but have never shied from a good melody. They feel just as home in pop music as in dance music, hence their love of remixing indie & pop songs & turning them into dance floor gems.

‘Punks Jump Up started in 2004 by putting on parties in east London for proto hipsters, fashion suspects & weirdos in general. The ‘anything goes’ policy typical of the area & zeitgeist summed up Joe & David’s taste & musical outlook & this has followed them into the life of producing music & creating the visual aspect of the PJU universe.’ #untz/tom


25 Apr

Today’s Untz: Stars (Punks Jump Up Remix) / Rebeka

The Polish duet between a charismatic vocalist, Iwona Skwarek, and a compelling producer, Bartosz Szczesny, make up Rebeka. This gifted twosome of an emerging generation is not to be limited to any musical boundaries. “The laser versus the axe,” they say of their music, “it won’t be disco, rather resounding brass and diamonds.” Discotexas, a powerhouse of a label from Lisbon, Portugal, released their track “Stars” on the 20th.

“Stars” was mixed by Mirror People, who also did a club mix. The original, also great, can be downloaded for free here. Punks Jump Up delivered two remixes and Discotexas made an accoustic version! My favorite of them all is the one featured here today, followed closely by Mirror People. Check it out and enjoy. #untz/tom