it’s not right, but it’s ok

1 Oct

Today’s Untz: It’s Not Right but It’s OK / CHVRCHES (Whitney Houston cover)

BBC Radio 1 is known for playing host to the occasional unexpected, oh no they didn’t cover, and Scottish synth trio CHVRCHES definitely delivered one of these signature moments when they took on one of the most iconic break up hits of 90’s by the late, great Whitney Houston and spun it to another era.

While Lauren Mayberry can’t compete with Whitney’s signature chops (and isn’t trying to), her approach carries on the fierceness and determination in the song in a subtle and powerful (albeit not powerhouse) way. I am loving this fresh, unique take on the classic… I remember listening to all of the album My Love is Your Love on my bedroom floor in middle school, and to revisit that feeling almost 15 (!!) years later is a trip. #indie


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