a few good things

12 Nov

Friends, I know it has been far too long since I have posted. Since July, I have crossed the globe to Africa and back, started a new role at work, and gotten engaged to my best friend. So to make up for my absence, sharing a few good things.

Like a Dream / Chelou

‘its not magic, though it feels that’

‘Like a Dream’ is stripped down to just steady tapping, guitar strings and its artist’s sleepy vocals, but in this parred down state, nothing is missing from the song. I have had this one on play all week.

Berlin / Ry X

‘sorry love I’m running home / I’m a child of sun and the stars I love’

With songs with intros out of a Beach House song or Explosions in the Sky track off of Saturday Night Lights, and vocals that draw an unavoidable resemblance to Bon Iver, Ry X’s EP, Berlin, has officially managed to attract my attention – it only took me a year to stumble upon it. The summer 2013 releases’ title track is my favorite of the four, with its beautiful pacing and an ability to be both pleading and subtle at the same time, but the whole EP is worth a solid listen and repeat.

On My Way Home / The Young Folk

‘taking some of my lines, and you make them into your own; turn your back don’t run’

Young Folk is a Dublin “alt-folk” (yes, this is a genre now) band that I stumbled upon on Soundcloud and have been thoroughly enjoying– they captured me with their lively strings and catchy vocals as so many of these types of songs do. The foursome released their debut album, Little Battle, this year.



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