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5 Aug


Today’s Indie: Shake / The Head and the Heart

‘you won’t forget the one who’s making you shake’

Drop everything – the first single for The Head and the Heart‘s sophomore album, Let’s Be Still, landed on the band’s homepage today. Initial impression: even with its snappy beat, Shake took a while to pull me in… the start feels very safe, very signature Head and the Heart, with a tap along sound and cheerful, carefree vocals. After their beloved debut, I guess if its not broken, why fix it? Once Charity’s songbird of a voice cut in and the harmonies started rolling through, layered on top of the building piano, I was hooked.

This is a great first taste to the highly anticipated release, due out October 15th. After seeing  my favorite Seattle sextet live almost ten times  I am starving for some new songs from the band that inspired me to start this blog in the first place. Hopefully we will get to hear this one at Outside Lands this Saturday afternoon!  #indie/tory

this is how we walk on the moon

4 Aug

Today’s Indie: This is How we Walk on the Moon (cover) / Geographer

‘one tiny, tiny move / it’s all I need / and I jump over / every step is moving me up’

What a treat. The Bay Area’s own Geographer has crafted a  cover of Arthur Russell’s This is How we Walk on the Moon, and the result is a smooth and steady track with enough subtle curves to stay engaging,  great piano work and a nice highlight of Michael Deni’s vocals. Beam me up. #indie/tory


31 Jul


Today’s Indie: Electricity / FMLYBND

‘sweet surrender / I’d give all my love / I’d give all my life / just to be with the one /  my delight’

Sweet surrender to this one… sweet and sugary surrender.  FMLYBND  has created a sound capable of brightening  one of the dreariest San Francisco “summer” weeks we have had in a while. The brand spanking new California electro-pop sextet evoke a youthful take on the the early stirrings of M83, MGMT and the like, and I am excited to hear their next move. #indie/tory

change change change

25 Jul


Today’s Indie: Change / Churchill

‘you hold me just out of reach / you keep me pounding the beat / take all the soul you can get’

Sadly I have discovered this promising band just as it has come undone. First it was the duo of the Civil Wars, breaking up due to “irreconcilable differences” that couldn’t be overcome, even with the help of a Grammy. Now it is Denver’s Churchill, who has called it quits and cancelled their extensive and impressive summer touring schedule, where they would have been opening for Pink and One Republic (I won’t judge them for that). It is never fun to come across a good thing right as it comes to an end, but I’m not letting it stop me from enjoying their Change and The War Within EPs. With biting female vocals like Wild Child and its catchy chorus, Change has been on repeat all day. #indie/tory


18 Jul

Today’s Indie: Resolution / Matt Corby

From my early days I have been a sucker for sigh inducing singer song writers, perhaps to a fault, romanticizing every lyrically driven chorus and chord. Accordingly, I was taken by first line of Matt Corby’s dreamy, old soul voice and first listen of Resolution: I conjured up an image of a struggling artist pouring his heart out in half empty cafes and busy street corners, living in a basement somewhere. To my chagrin on first Google I found out that Matt is a 22 year old Australian Idol alum/heart throb with several successful EPs under his belt, although did write Resolution in a “little dingy LA apartment” he had been renting. As with people, you don’t always choose what music you love… so enjoy. #indie/tory

golden ocean

3 Jul


Today’s Indie: Golden Ocean / Miner

‘I need someone to love / yeah someone I can hold in the sun’

A very quick indie hello as Tom and I gear up to head into the mountains for the 23rd Annual High Sierra Music Festival up in Quincy this afternoon for four days of hot sun, cold beers, music, revelry, friendship and barefoot dancing babies. To send us off, a track from Miner, who are playing Thursday and Friday afternoons. A happy early 4th to all! #indie/tory


28 Jun


Today’s Indie: Waiting / Alice Bowman

”I want you more than I need you / I need you so bad’

Today’s track offers a plea for a return with the kind of silvery voice you might hear in a wistful Christmas song amidst snowfall – steady, soothing, yearning. The simplicity in Waiting reminds me of the pull in Cat Powers’ ‘I Found a Reason,’ quieting capturing the heart-wrenching state we humans feel while waiting desperately for a loved one, their arrival unknown.

Waiting is off Swedish singer Alice Bowman’s debut EP, Skisser (Swedish for sketches). Beautiful. #indie/tory

hard to find

18 Jun

Today’s Indie: Hard to Find / The National


‘I can see the glowing lights / I can see them every night  / really not that far away / I could be there in a day’

Trouble Will Find Me. For me, it was not the kind of album that I knew if I really liked after a listen or two, or three, but then suddenly found it bound to my bones, being carried around with me into my day long after its sounds had faded. Etched in Matt’s signature baritone, stretched across a canvas of tremble inducing lyrics and melodies to settle into, it found me and I found it.

Hard to Find is the closing track and provides the perfect sense of an ending to the album, tracing something left behind and lost in cobwebs but present in the mind, from time to time. The National has reminded me, and not for the first time, that patience is a virtue, a very rewarding virtue. #indie/tory

silver firs

14 Jun

Today’s Indie: Motherland / Silver Firs

Friday afternoon ends with a track from Swiss newcomers the Silver Firs, which has the kind of foot tapping beat I would want to follow me into an adventure in the woods, perhaps evoked by their name. Perfect timing as I pack up to head up to Tahoe for the weekend to celebrate the wedding of a dear friend amidst the trees. The quartet is releasing this track with two additional songs on a debut EP on the 28th, and if they are as feel good as Motherland, then take me home. #indie / tory

modern jesus

9 Jun


Today’s Indie: Modern Jesus / Portugal. The Man

‘who cares if hell awaits / we’re having drinks at heaven’s gates’

I have never been able to get over the misplaced period in Portugal. The Man’s name (didn’t that sentence just confuse you?) but that hasn’t stopped me from thoroughly enjoying the Portlandian quintet’s bliss inducing sound. Modern Jesus is off the band’s seventh full length studio effort, Evil Friends, out last Tuesday, and  it has me stuck on repeat. The playful Nintendo ping intro giving way to casual do-do-doos and then John Gourley’s catching vocals echoing  relevant lyrics (‘you don’t need sympathy / they got a pill for everything  / just take that dark cloud / ring it out to wash it now’) make Modern Jesus the perfect steady chill segue into the weekend. #indie/tory