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stay kids x 2

31 Oct

I like Stay Kids so much I am sharing it twice. TUATE’s first double feature.

Today’s Emo: Stay Kids / ANR

‘the better years, are they still to come / get rid of fear and stay young’

The double feature worthy pick is a killer track from Miami’s Awesome New Republic. The high pitched, heavenly vocals in the intro remind me of Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos, and there is a similar feel in the sound to another song about Kids we all know and love (ahem MGMT), but when the slow and steadiness gets cut by crazy syntherciszing gymnastics, ANR’s Stay Kids becomes a sound of its own.

The first time I heard the hook I was so caught off guard that I thought I accidentally had two windows of music playing at once on my computer. Not so, just awesomeness from a single song. The track is off March’s debut album of the same name, and if you like what you hear be sure you give It’s Around You a go. #emo

Today’s Untz: Stay Kids / ANR (Memory Tapes remix)

‘but we don’t have the bodies to live so fast / we solve the problem without the knowledge to make it last’

Same song, different angle. New Jersey’s Dayve Hawk, aka Memory Tapes, washes some chillwavey beats over ANR’s original take, and then shakes up the synth. Arguably too chill to be called untz, by righteous beats nonetheless. #untz


don’t dance around

21 Sep

I have had to step up my game at work this summer, meaning less time plugged into my headphones during my 40+, and a stronger reliance on recommendations to fill these thrice weekly posts with music worth listening to. Keep them coming. Thanks to my friend Chris for not one but both of today’s tracks, including one I am totally losing my shit over (see below).

Also, today’s post is my 100th! Let’s celebrate.

Today’s Emo: It’s Around You / ANR

‘so keep your toenails on the ground / put your fingers in the air / let your voice sing it loud’

Do you remember that scene in the Notebook (sorry guys), where Ryan Gosling has just drooled over Rachel McAdams at the fair, and then runs into her on the street and gives a whole spiel about how when he sees something he really really likes, he’s gotta love it? Gotta have it? That is how I feel about this song. On repeat, nonstop, can’t get enough, since first listen yesterday afternoon.

ANR/Awesome New Republic is a two piece indie duo formed by Michael John Hancock and Brian Robertson at the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami back in ’04. They are the first act I have come across hailing from Southern Florida that have had me in a musical fit like this, with TV on the Radio powered vocals and a teasingly mainstream sound with just the right tinge of Yeasayer weird to firmly grab my attention. Singing it loud. #emo

Today’s Untz: You Don’t Want to Dance With Me / Monarchy ft. Britt Love

‘I have got to keep my distance / the pounding of my heart can’t be disguised’

A softer untz, but perfect to combat those “it is only Wednesday?!” feelings washing over me today. If I played anything too wild it would only make my breath all the more abated for the weekend.

I enjoy most Monarchy songs I come across, but this is the first to really catch my ear. Maybe it’s the infusion of Britt Love (who sounds just a little like a less auto-tuned version of another Britney I know) and her sassy vocals, something about the beat, or the markable sting in the song’s theme that has me pulled in here. Likely some combination of the three. I do want to dance. #untz