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an offering

13 Jun

Today’s Indie: Offering / Ernest Saint Laurent ft. Tatiana Heintz (Capital Cities remix)

‘I’m like water / I’m touching everything’

I must admit that I hadn’t heard the original of this song until Capital Cities posted their remix of it on Facebook yesterday, but I am so am so glad that they dished this up in all its sultry perfection. The track holds a steady pace while still making me want to slow everything down, and the soft vocals have a kind of effervescent feel to them, singing of those times where your senses feel heightened and you are absorbed in every one of them, and someone else. I could picture this as the perfect backdrop to a blur of a movie scene like Black Swan’s little bit with Natalie and Mila. Mew.

I am going to see the boys of Capital Cities do their own thing at the Rickshaw Stop June 21st, and San Francisco folks this is not to be missed… they can turn a room in seconds. #indie / tory


scribbled sound

13 Jan

Today’s emo comes as a guest post from my coworker, friend, and toughest music critic, Erik. Music comes to the rescue on a daily if not hourly basis during the 9-5, and I love bouncing songs off Erik, even if only about 5% of them stick. I’m down for the challenge, and the wins are big. Oh and Erik is really good at writing.

Today’s Emo: Scribbled Paper / Little Dragon

‘recalling a piercing voice in old dreams / and ghostly images of black trains’

The fluffy static of a brushed drum hangs like mist; a corpulent bass morosely plucks out its line; the soft pop of congas in the background plays counterpoint to a piano, and at one point, an electric organ. Subtle touches and traces reign in the eclectic sonic habitat of Little Dragon’s “Scribbled Paper,” not least of all lead singer Yukimi Nagano’s spectral voice. For me, the song’s a séance conjuring a blend of noir-film farewells and flash-bulb memories from my own emotional history. Just as the unknown words scribbled on a note to the singer make her shiver, the song makes me flutter with the feeling I’m about to bump into the lover who jilted me last, with the uncanny goosebumps of her palpable absence.  And for all this condensed sentiment, I have only our Master of Ceremonies to thank. Thanks for turning me onto Little Dragon, Tor. Sorry for being so tough to please. Viva Le Emo! #emo – Erik

Today’s Untz: Safe and Sound / Capital Cities (Discotech remix)

‘I could show you love / in a tidal wave of mystery / you’ll still be standing next to me’

One of my favorite songs of 2011? Safe and Sound. A sweet remix of it that has me wanting to blow trumpets off of rooftops? Yes please. I like to have the original version of this song queued up on my ipod to wake me up in the morning to help me rally to take on the day, but this version makes me want to get down to it at night. Happy Friday. #untz

final holiday

24 Dec

I should be wrapping presents and grabbing a couple last minute gifts, but music can’t wait for Santa tonight. These cookies can though, with a side of milk. Happiest of holidays.

Today’s Emo: Holiday / Capital Cities (Madonna cover)

‘we’re gonna have a celebration / all across the world / in every nation’

Capital Cities are two heavily bearded guys from Los Angeles who know how to command a crowd and stole my heart with their single Safe and Sound earlier this year. I saw them open for Wait What over at Public Works during the fall and they turned the room in the matter of a song or two, transforming a peaceful upstairs who had never heard of them into a sweaty epic dance party. No better way to spend a Thursday.

Here is the boys’ new take on Madonna’s classic, a toasty warm track that is a great listen for anyone taking the week off of work for stretches of white sand and margaritas or douglas firs, stockings and spiked cider around the fire. Holiday. Celebrate. Merry #emo

Today’s Untz: F.A.R.E.W.E.L.L / Final DJS

I found this gem on one of my favorite blogs, LA’s Binary, and have been playing it on repeat since I arrived home to Oregon for the holidays, much to the chagrin of my family who just doesn’t get “the untz” (pronounced in all different fashions).

F.A.R.E..W.E.L.L starts strong and keeps it up, with unexpected twists and turns carved along the way while still driving you straight forward throughout. Perhaps it is unfitting to start the day with a song about farewells, but this is the kind of music I want to listen to nestled up in bed on a quiet Sunday morning, awake but unwilling to fully wake and leave the warm comforts of bed, sleepily letting its pieces sink in. Merry #untz-mas

sunset in my city

13 Jun

Best Coast.

Today’s Emo: Sunset in my Soul / Mia and Jonah

‘you can save me from myself / pull the water from my well / heal me from the hardest that times could be’

Another vault track because I would rather share inspired old music than forced new tunes, and the indie world has been leaving me wanting these days. Mia and Jonah are a beautiful Oakland couple who I imagined would make it big within months of my discovering their album a couple years ago, and instead are still waiting around for the world to recognize their talent (it is only a matter of time!)

A slow and steady rush, romantic proclamations, beautiful harmonies, and the only company I need around a campfire… folk at its most heartfelt. #emo

Today’s Untz: Safe and Sound / Capital Cities

‘you could be my luck / even if we’re six feet underground / I know that we’ll be safe and sound’

Happy softer emo that still rocks some steady beats, I found Capital Cities on Hypem last week and have been enjoying these popping horns and sweet vocals for days. Safe and Sound is the first single off Capital Cities debut EP out next week, and this duo has all the physical makings to make it in the indie electro pop world, with fun facial hair, aviators, plaid, and lots of promo snapshots of jumping in mid air. Sound matches the part… want to lace up my chucks and get lost on the dance floor to this. #untz