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all the eastern girls dance

11 Jan

Today’s post comes from our sponsors at the San Francisco Municipal Courthouse, where I just earned a whopping $17.50 to conduct my civic duty and go through jury duty yesterday. As a girl who watched so much Law and Order as a kid that I would echo that “dun-dun” noise in my sleep, and who used to devour John Grisham books like gummy bears, I found it all pretty cool. Especially the part about me not actually being selected.

Today’s emo is a little untzy, and the untz is a little emo, but don’t judge. All is fair in love and music.

Today’s Emo: D-D-Dance / The Concept

‘always on the go / keep your head up now / dance dance dance til you get it right’

OMG new Phoenix?! Oh wait just kidding, these are some other Euros that sound exactly like my favorite French foursome. They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, and since Phoenix has been off radar working on new stuff, I will gladly soak in this instant dance party track from Sweden’s The Concept. D-D-Dance is so dance worthy that it took considerable restraint not to hop up on the lunch table in the jury break room and dance my face off. Can I get arrested for that? Dancey #emo

Today’s Untz: All the Eastern Girls / Chapel Club (RAC remix) 

‘only just getting to know you / running the flag up to claim it’

This remix drives me nuts. An echoed intro reminds us that this is a love song amidst trickling beats meshed with drop everything now tastes of bass. Chapel Club’s vocals sound delightfully 80’ish, but RAC’s playful twists and terms make the sound fresh, and I can’t bring myself to turn it off. I am a Pacific Northwestern girl with Norwegian heritage, which probably makes me as far from Eastern as I can get, but I still wish this song could be about me. #untz