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somebody’s wildcat!

8 Feb

Knee deep in the work week… pretty picture from last weekend to tide over to this weekend.

Today’s Indie: Mr. Quiche / Wildcat! Wildcat!

I was a Northwestern Wildcat during my college life, and anyone who knows me well knows I have a serious love for (fictitious) cats, AND I enjoy a mean quiche, so this track grabbed my attention on all counts yesterday morning. Moments later my ears joined in on the parade.

This is the first I have heard of LA trio W!W!, but I have instantly fallen for this song and its brooding, sexy sound cut with hints of Bon Iver-esque falsetto. I am almost equally smitten kitten over Wildcat! Wildcat!’s other track on soundcloud, End of the World Everyday, so if you like what you hear here, prowl there next. #indie

Today’s Untz: Somebody That I Used to Know / Gotye Ft. Kimbra (Myndset remix)

‘but you didn’t have to cut me off / make out like it never happened and now we were nothing’

One of the biggest songs of last year has one of the longest lists of remixes rolling into the new year, but Myndset’s go is my favorite. You are pulled in during the first few seconds and it really doesn’t let up, firmly tracing the original song while somehow showing it all from a totally different angle at the same time. You can almost hear Gotye’s anger/frustration/bitterness in the heart(beats), and the result is an urge to dance it out, hard. Perfectly done. #untz