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digital dance blitz

19 Dec

The Naked and Famous tonight at The Independent with some of my favorites. Yes yes yes.

Today’s Emo: Dance on Our Graves / Paper Route

‘I need you now / I need you more than ever before’

So. Emo. But so pretty. Rolling piano, silvery vocals and the steady pattering of drums make this song come over you like rain. Paper Route is a four piece indie rock band from Nashville, and Dance on Our Graves is off of their 2006 debut. Grab a box of tissues and/or a bottle of whiskey and enjoy. #emo

Today’s Untz: Blitz / Digitalism

After becoming totally mesmerized by this song/video, I saw Digitalism play a live band set last week and the German duo totally tore it up. While it was a little slower and more rock-esque than I expected with the instruments instead of tables, there was still plenty of dancing our faces off. Watch the music video once and try not to smile / want to immediately hunt down tickets to see them live. #untz