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25 Aug


Today’s Indie: Song for Zula / Phosphorescent 

‘so honey I am not some broken thing / I do not lay in the dark waiting for day here’

A Song for Zula is off indie rock artist Phosphorescent’s sixth studio album, Muchacho, and however many times Matthew Houck promises he has been left unbroken, after a few listens it is pretty clear that this Zula really fucked him up at some point. The result of which is something flawless.

Matthew has the kind of voice that sounds ‘lived in,’ much the way Edward Sharpe‘s Alex Ebert or Justin Townes Earle sound, the kind of voice that has smoked its fair share of cigarettes, downed its fair share of whiskey and loved and lost enough to have something to talk about. This sound met with the track’s strings for days accompaniment and subtle pop beat have left me useless on my couch this morning, trapped in cycle of repeat.  #indie