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6 May

Work has been so busy that I haven’t had the time to find good music during the day or the time after work to write about it. But here is good music, and a few words.

Today’s Emo: Wolf Like Me (TV on the Radio Cover) / The Holidays

‘dream me oh dreamer / down to the floor / open my hands and let them weave on yours’

There is something sexy and mischievous about this take on a TV on the Radio classic. The original is arguably untouchable, but Aussies The Holiday give this a brave go, in part releasing the cover in tribute to TOTR’s recently deceased bassist, Gerard Smith. A solid listen that has me revisiting the original.

We’re howling forever. #emo

Today’s Untz: Too Dramatic (the Kids are Radioactive Remix) / Ra Ra Riot

’cause you’re too dramatic / I don’t understand it’

My coworker Tom is a fellow music nerd and revelry lover who also has his own blog, originally named BlogJuice. It has been nice to have someone to ping during dragging midweek afternoons about shows, tracks and fun happenings… helps keep my inner untz happy amidst the cubicle dividers and florescent lights and professional speak. While some of BlogJuice’s stuff is a bit too hardcore for my day to day, it is all pretty solid, and this Ra Ra Riot remix posted earlier in the week hits the spot.

The Syracusian indie rockers get hopped up on something radioactive and I can almost taste the weekend here. So close. Giants’ first pitch is at 7:15 tonight, and I will be there on the bleachers soaking it in, hopefully a few beers deep. #untz