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remember the sprawl

18 Feb

It is Friday leading into a three day weekend. Thank you presidents, for the precious gift of time (among other things).  Time to slip out of the workweek and into the land of dancing all night, playing all day, and squeezing in rest along the sides. While today’s first track is a bit of a downer, what a beautiful downer. And the second is sure to cheer you right up. Happy holiday. Tor

Today’s Emo: I Remember / Yeasayer

I remember making out on an airplane / still afraid of flying but with you I’d die today / you’re stuck in my mind all the time

I love tracing the release of a new remix back to an original song that slipped through the cracks. Brooklyn based experimental rock trio Yeasayer released the track I Remember in 2010’s Odd Blood, but since I’ve barely dabbled in the band, I missed it. Then Yeasayer graciously offered the original track, as well as two new remixes, in an EP for free download on their site for V-Day. The remixes are nice, but its the original that has me floored. Twirling, playful synth sounds intertwined with some of the saddest vocals I have heard in a while. Somehow it works. This song is eerie and mesmerizing and I have it on repeat, listening to it with a dopey grin on muni. My only concern is for any lonely fans that might have had it on repeat on Valentines Day. #emo

Today’s Untz: Sprawl of Glass (Arcade Fire vs. Blondie) / The Hood Internet

’cause on the surface the city lights shine / they’re calling at me, “come and find your kind”‘

Seems fitting to celebrate an Arcade Fire song after their big Grammy win, although I missed it stuck in transit on Sunday night. I heard that watching the wtf faces on everyone else was just as exciting as the indie fans freaking out. The twitter response is nothing short of priceless…. “the grammy people have lost their mind…who are the Suburbs and how in the heck did they win album of the year… smh.” I had to Google smh to figure out it’s basically a more polite way of saying wtf.

To throw in an untz twist, I present The Hood Internet’s mash of Sprawl II with Blondie’s Heart of Glass. Hood Internet is on point – I caught half of the Chicago mash up duo for a show last spring, and will see Hood in its entirety at Rickshaw Stop on Thursday. While some of their stuff is laced with a bit too much rap/hip hop for my taste, it is tracks like this that make me beyond excited to dance my face off to their entire set, even on a school night. #untz