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jump in the poison

8 Jun

Tired. Busy. Happy.

Today’s Emo: Poison & Wine / The Civil Wars

‘oh your mouth is poison, your mouth is wine / oh you think your dreams are the same as mine’

Back in the day, my second grade class at Hoover Elementary watched Ken Burn’s classic mini-series, The Civil War. While fascinating, most of the information presented during the epic five hour series has long left my little head, but the musical theme, Ashokan Farewell, left me memorized, and the song’s sweet violin and sigh inducing melody has been unshakable after all these years. My coworker, Court, recently recommended The Civil Wars in response to my sharing of The Head and the Heart (a formidable trade) and I instantly thought back to the documentary and its score. While lacking a violin, The Civil Wars also deliver minimalist folk at its finest: gentle guitar strumming, soft keys, silvery vocals, and aching harmonies… chills.

Joy Williams and John Paul White joined forces in Nashville in 2008, and have been gaining momentum since this track was played on Grey’s Anatomy a couple years back. I first heard The Civil Wars on Tuesday, and have already grabbed tickets to see them play the Great American Music Hall on the 19th. #emo

Today’s Untz: Jump in the Pool / Friendly Fires (Thin White Duke remix)

‘I looked at you I knew you wanted to / jump in the pool’

Things that are good: the return of sunshine, a dear friend in town for the week, and the Friendly Fire’s new album, Pala. I failed to get tickets to see the indie Britt rockers play at the Independent this June, but am taking it as a godsend because my concert budget for spring/summer is already becoming astronomical (see above). So instead, I am happily drowning myself in this flashed up version of Jump in the Pool, of their self titled album. Hop in. #untz