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pillow talk

11 May

Today’s Indie: Pillow Talk / Wild Child

‘when I sleep, I’m dreaming for you’

I have been riding the struggle bus full speed ahead all day, so this shall be brief but laced with the relief that comes with making it to 4:04 on a Friday and seeing the end in site. Here is a great little gift from Austin’s Wild Child filled with echos of love lost. Sweet, simple and a little sorrowful it may not be the best segue into the weekend, but that is what Tom’s posts are for. Happy Friday! #indie / tory


young wild child

13 Mar

As I toil away at regular life, I am finding myself increasingly jealous reading other music blogs lose their shit over the promised land that is this year’s SXSW. Next year… until then I will just have to enjoy the wave of great new music pouring out alongside this San Francisco rain.

Today’s Indie: The Tale of You & Me / Wild Child

‘well the next time I grab your hand when we walk by the sea / well I just might pull you in’

With the best lyrical banter I have heard since Edward Sharpe’s Home or Of Monsters and Men‘s Little Talks, this folk gem from Austin’s Wild Child is somehow sinister, foot tapping and romantic all at once. Spouting out a laundry list of ways to off one another or kick the bucket collectively, our protagonists explore the messy, dirty bits of a drive you crazy kind of love, and the result is stunning. The last minute or so of the song takes a curious turn, weaving into a warm childlike choir echoing: sleep good / hold tight / just know that I’ll make it right. To carry on the continuous cycle of any classic love/hate relationship, let’s rinse and repeat and listen again. #indie

Today’s Untz: We Are Young / Fun. ft. Janelle Monae (Alvin Risk remix)

‘so if by the time the bar closes / and you feel like falling down / I’ll carry you home’

We Are Young has been a gripping guilty pleasure of mine since I heard it played along with 111.3 million other viewers of this year’s Superbowl in a Chevy commercial, but in an effort to share new music instead of Billboard’s #1, I have held back on this one. It hasn’t been easy. Enter DC producer Alvin Risk and his new feel great remix of the song, and all my troubles are solved! Go ahead, dance your face off away to Fun. at SXSW, I won’t mind. Really. #untz