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12 Oct

Today’s Indie: Ponce Pilato / Y La Bamba

‘hold my hand and grow / whisper in my ear and be bold’

Oh those happy moments when a song hits you for the first time at right time and plays as poetry, granting the auditory version of an unexpected warm breeze or the feeling of an arm wrapping around your shoulders. These are the feelings Ponce Pilato makes me feel.

This wonderful birdlike, transfixing voice comes from Portland’s Y La Bamba’s Luz Elena Mendoza, who I discovered in a roundabout fashion via a playlist published by The Lumineers’ Neyla Pekarek’s on Consequence of Sound this week. Pekarek’s list has a lot of gems, but I was most taken with the final track and its description: “Watch a sunset, hold hands, and switch this puppy on. You won’t regret it.” That’s what Fridays are for.

Let’s drive to California 
Let’s go and find our homes
We come from the same town 
Let’s drive through the woods
And bring them with us