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twin solstices

6 Apr

A wintery tune to hopefully help grace us with some spring snow up in Tahoe this weekend. Snow and then sand… 7 days.

Today’s Indie: Winter Solstice / Cold Specks

‘you put your hand over your chest / swore that the fire would rage’

The Winter Solstice: the longest night, the shortest day. Thinking of it feels offbeat as we get closer to summer with each day and extra minute of daylight, but Cold Speck’s song has the perfect icy chill to cause you to take pause. Slower songs like this can take a while to settle into you–multiple listens, several days, some time away — but when they finally do it is that much deeper. Canadian turned Londoner Al Spx (real name) has released this slow burning ember of a song off her upcoming album, I Predict a Graceful Explosion, out May 22nd. As if explosions could go any other way. #indie/tory

Today’s Untz: Strange (original mix) / Adana Twins

Hamburg Germany’s duo the Adana Twins released a smooth and sexual deep house tune a month ago. It’s a pretty hard task taking on a Doors track, but they absolutely crushed it. I could see this being played in a number of situations, but the best time that comes to mind is in the wee hours of the morning “when you’re alone” and “people are strange.” If you dig this type of music, I’d get used to hearing this track. Massive. #untz/tom