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10 Jul

Today’s Untz: Made Up / Anoraak

Anoraak has been a favorite of mine for sometime now when it comes to “that sound.” I don’t want to pigeon hole him into chillwave so screw the genre’s in this particular case (or always) since it’s a smorgasbord of stylings anyways. From italo disco, to Motown-schooled funk, and sepia-toned pop music, Anoraak has a unique sound that fits right in line with that SoCal mentality despite the fact that he’s from France.

The track above, ‘Made Up’, is an unreleased track made available via youtube for Anoraak’s upcoming US tour. I will be sure to check it out August 4th here in San Francisco. Anoraak was so kind to have also release a remix from Les Loups. It’s a bit glitchier than the original but it mostly stays true. #untz/tom

Bonus Video: Dolphins & Highways / Anoraak