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au revior insanity

2 Feb

Between the streamers and champagne at midnight to the the 1st’s subsequent hangover to the month’s last sleepy Monday morning, I am really not sure what to make of January and what I chose to do with it. Still, I enter February with a sense of optimism and momentum. Accordingly, for the month’s inaugural post I have included one of my favorite feel good, optimistic-y untz tracks by Au Revoir Simone. Also, a more subtly optimistic emo-y new folk jam that is so good I couldn’t bear to sit on it for another couple days. Happy February.

Today’s Emo: Running with Insanity / Alcoholic Faith Mission

‘nice enough to know you / really nice to meet you / but I’m saving myself for someone else’

This is the title track off of  Danish indie band Alcoholic Faith Mission’s upcoming EP, set to be released stateside at the end of March. I fell for this song on first listen Monday afternoon, despite being momentarily put off by the opening few seconds of polka. I love the sing-a-long harmonies, splashes of tambourine, the Grizzly Bear like ‘ooooh ohhh’s’ echoed throughout, and the surprising sense of cohesion the sixsome is able to establish.

Like the Head and the Heart, this group does a great job of playing off of one anothers  sounds, and I am looking forward to any opportunity to catch them meshing live together on stage. Sadly, I wont be able to attend SXSW this year, but for anyone who does, I think Alcoholic Faith Mission will be must see… even if they do tend to get a bit sweaty on stage.  #emo

Today’s Untz: Young Turks (Disco Pusher Remix) / Au Revoir Simone

‘paradise was closed so they headed for the coast in a blissful manner / they took a two room apartment that was jumping ev’ry night of the week’

Oh songs on top of songs on top of songs. Au Revoir Simone take Rod Stewart’s 80’s classic, ground it, and infuse in their signature dreamy, feminine, indie pop vocals. Then Disco Pusher polishes the track off with some beats. The result is pretty awesome.

I was introduced to this song during my junior year of college, when a friend with impeccable taste made me a set of mix cds to help me trek through finals. Ever since it has stayed in my vault of go to feel good gentle untz. I’m really glad things work out for the song’s protagonists, and like to think of this story as what would have happened if Tommy didn’t have to work on the docks, the union never went on strike, and Gina didn’t slave away at the diner all day. Nothing wrong with an occasional happy ending.

Young hearts be free tonight. #untz