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you don’t know me

23 Apr



Today’s Untz: You Don’t Know Me (Bit Funk Remix) / Portland

Here’s a great remix from Bit Funk. This is such an uplifting and energetic tune with a slow build. I love the chopped up vocals and accompanying piano sounds. I’m no concert clapper (mostly bc people are off beat), but this tune makes me want to put my two hands together, look up at the open sunny sky, and smile. #untz/tom


the long road ahead

13 Jan


Today’s Untz: The Long Road Ahead / Bit Funk

Here’s a fresh track that is just about perfect for any drive. In my case that will be up towards Tahoe. If you’re somewhere warm right now well I’m jealous. I digress…

Bit Funk is a producer, remixer and DJ currently based in Brooklyn. This track is at least in my experience, much different than his other productions. The rolling keys, cut up samples, bouncing synths, and chilled out tempo of this song should fit most tastes. #untz/tom