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so good to me

29 Oct

Today’s Indie: So Good to Me / Chris Malinchak

NY based Chris Malinchak has crafted the musical version of a perfect glass of red wine, classic mac’n’cheese or a warm blanket for two on a chilly Fall day — comfort music at its finest, warm enough to melt even the harshest of Monday blues and ease the wildest of  Frankenstorm winds and woes. While we only hear of such things from afar here in San Francisco, thoughts to all to be safe on the other coast and to take it easy out there. So Good to Me has definitely taken the internet world by storm (couldn’t resist) with over 77.000 listens on Soundcloud in under a week. It is a gorgeous song with the reminder to be thankful to the ones that are so good to us in this life. Amen to that. #indie/tory


these dreams

1 Aug

Today’s Untz: These Dreams / Chris Malinchak

French Express has been pumping out amazing tracks all month. This time it’s Chris Malinchak featuring some sultry vocals from Damon C Scott. He has a knack for producing epically euphoric tunes that really attest to the future of house.

There are some addicting high hats, smooth melodic bass, and tropical inspired synths that would delight even the casual electronic fan. I’ve been wanting to hop on here to post this one since it was released. So good. #untz/tom