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whenever I fall

26 Jan

Hi friends. Hi internet. I will make no excuses for not posting in the past several months or proclamations of better ongoing maintenance and a 2016 resurgence of the TUATI blog, because, enough. Instead a really good song. From 2010. Easing back into the music world slowly…

Fall at Your Feet / Boy & Bear

‘let it go / I’ll be there when you call’

It’s fitting I am sharing a Fall at Your Feet cover given that I first heard the song, many, many moons ago when I was in high school, as another cover. James Blunt shared his take during a riveting, and particularly emotional (weren’t they all?) episode of The OC. My poor television choices aside, the song and Blunt’s take on Fall at Your Feet struck and stuck with me the last 10 years, so I was surprised and delighted to stumble upon another re-imagined version from Boy & Bear, an indie-folk-rock group from Australia, on a recently gifted playlist from a friend (thanks Joan!)

A steady strum, strong harmonies, keys and strings for days and just the right amount of twang leading into a triumphant finale, met with my teenage nostalgia — this has all the makings of a TUATI classic. If you like what you hear but want to get back to the modern era, Boy & Bear recently released their newest album, Limit of Love, available on iTunes. #indie