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16 Apr



Today’s Untz: Darius & Crayon / Alicia

Talk about a song that just makes you wish you could escape the grind. Eventually I will free myself of whatever it is we’re “supposed” to do. The time I’m donating now will ultimately bring me to paradise whether it’s mental, physical, or both. For now this song is helping me envision that place.

Here it in Darius’ words:

“Our new single ‘Alicia’ with my friend Le Crayon.

From pointless debates about the existence of aliens to more serious late night/early morning demos sharing, we started to feel that our tastes and ambitions, musicwise, were to get more and more similar. “Alicia” combines this laidback and carefree atmosphere, dreamy slow-mo vibes with a powerful funk groove. May this be the soundtrack of your most perfect day.

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