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turn on the water

26 Aug

This week and the month of August flew by. Summer should be arriving in San Francisco shortly.

Today’s Emo: What the Water Gave Me / Florence + the Machine

What the Water Gave Me / Florence + the Machine

‘so lay me down / let the only sound / be the overflow’

Oh great expectations! My hot anticipation for Florence + the Machine’s follow up to Lungs simmered a bit with this week’s release of her first single, What the Water Gave Me. Things start slow and sprawling, to the point where on first listen I felt I had stumbled upon a miscategorized Sarah McLachlan song, and never fully build into something whole. I keep waiting for a kick to stir me up like Dog Days, or something hauntingly/awakening like Cosmic Love. And waiting. And waiting.

Instead, just left with Florence’s beautiful signature vocals and harp, and an interesting, almost tribal sound. Still worth a share, a listen, and another. And quieter anticipation and hope for more umph with November 7’s release. #emo

Today’s Untz: Turn Me On / David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj

‘come on and turn me on / I’m too young to die’

I got my hands on the new Guetta album and I have to say a lot of it is pretty emo-y for dance. I know he likes to take it Nice and Slow, but who knew Usher was such a softie? Nicki’s steamy Turn Me On is one of the few tracks that is really getting me going the way I expect Guetta to get me going.

With all the auto-tuning you can barely trace this the vocals back to Ms. Minaj (is that you, Gaga?) except for her little signature rap break, and as my friend Derek who tossed me the album put it, Guetta probably could have done better with the likes of a Kelly Rowland who can actually carry a natural tune. I still am loving the sound… turned on for the weekend. #untz


titanium dragons

12 Aug

Outside Lands has arrived and I am taking today off to not miss a beat. Time to bundle up, brace myself against the wrath of San Francisco summer in Golden Gate Park, and dance my face off (and chill) for three days.  Most excited to start the weekend with Foster the People, dance through the middle with the boys of Starfucker, and close things out with Arcade Fire. Sleeping is giving in… so lift those heavy eyelids.

Two Outside Lands oriented tracks to start things off right.

Today’s Emo: Ritual Union / Little Dragon

‘I was wonderin’ / how the white dress / and the mistress / and his spirit / are holdin’ my hand’

Sassy and sultry, just how I like my lady driven music. Our protagonist sounds to have fidelity troubles, but makes them sound so good… strong vocals, trickling echos, little pockets of trambone-like synth, and a beat that makes you want to sway your hips and/or grab someone’s hand.

Japanese-Swede Yukimi Nagano fronts this Swedish electro-soul group, and this is the title track off their third LP. Lucky I found LD before they slay Sunday afternoon at OSL. #emo

Today’s Untz: Titanium / David Guetta ft. Sia

‘fire away’

New Guetta with a side of Sia… a surprisingly delightful combination of guilty pleasure untz: Sia’s signature beautiful vocals, fierce lyrics, and oh yeah, some serious beats. The track has leaked off of Guetta’s upcoming LP, Nothing But the Beat, due out August 30th. The album will be dripping with collaborations (surprise) with the likes of Flo Rida, Jennifer Hudson, Timbaland and Dev throwing down in tracks. I will be riding this first taste of it all into my weekend, where I will hopefully be seeing Sia at the Twin Peaks stage tomorrow. #untz