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rocks and stones

11 Jul

Back to a regular five day work week. Countdown to Friday and weekend escape to Yosemite commenced with blaring of alarm clock this morning.

Today’s Emo: Box of Stones / Benjamin Francis Leftwich

‘there when the rain came and settled on your skin / more like before and you let it all in’

Gentle singer songwriter Monday morning emo. I came across Benjamin Francis Leftwitch a couple of weeks ago and have been getting lost in his smooth vocals and peaceful sound… he reminds me of a naive, more literal version of Josh Ritter, and I love the sleepy rolling feel to this song.

The title of his debut album, Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm, had the emo monger in me rumbling before I even heard a track, evoking an image of someone lighting a cigarette looking over a Midwestern field, biting the cold as clouds roll in. BFL is a mere 21 years of age and hails from York. While collectively his songs get a bit repetitive, I hear loads of potential. Will be keeping an eye on this one. #emo

Today’s Untz: Hits Me Like A Rock / CSS (Dillon Francis remix)

‘it’s been so long since I heard that song / made me sweat all night long’

I apologize in advance for getting this song stuck in your head all day. Dillon Francis jazzes up an already jazzy CSS song and the result are these beats playing on loop on my speakers and in my head all weekend long. Fitting, since the song is about when a song hits you like a rock. Love these Brazilian dance poptarts… perfect summer backdrop.

CSS = Cansei de Ser Sexy = “tired of being sexy.” Aren’t we all?  #untz