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hungry geographer

30 Jan

I got home from a magical week in Panama last night, where I left some of my heart out on the sand. It is a warm and beautiful (see photo) country, and I can only hope to make my way back there someday. Unfortunately, I’ve found myself starting my first day back at the grind wide eyed this morning at 5 am. On the bright side, plenty of time for a post!

Note: if you travel around Central America with your dad who is a young looking 60, and you are a 26 year old lady, everyone will suspect you are dating and/or his misstress, and give you concerned scowls. Thus my awkward incorporation of “PADRE!!” early into most conversations with locals and fellow tourists.

Today’s Emo: Original Sin / Geographer

‘eyes moving like flashlights under sheets / up until the morning hours we / are set free’

This song came on my boyfriend’s ipod during our ride into the city after a happy reunion at SFO, and as soon as I heard that arcing, eery ‘this is an original sin’ roll through the chorus, I had a drop everything who is this band moment. The answer: Geographer, a group I have been hearing a lot about but haven’t taken the time to explore. No more! I have had this song, and many others by the SF trio on repeat during this sleepy but awake morning on my couch, waiting for the sun to come up.

I foolishly missed Geographer at Treasure Island last fall, but hope to catch my neighbors as soon as possible. The band calls their sound ‘soulful music from outer space.’ Yep. #emo

Today’s Untz: Hungry Hearts / DWNTWN

The perfect welcome back track to Californ-i-a, this track is drenched with West Coast revelry and dreamy sun soaked beats from the first few pings of sound to its rolling, echoed end.  The LA electro pop duo DWTWN also offers up a hipster saturated music video of pigeon chasing, retro glasses, distant gazes, smudges of tribal face paint, side braids, and skinny jeans on both our male and female protagonists. I want to back on the beach. #untz