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need you plankton

2 Jan

The New Year! A time for resolutions, reflection and taking stock at where you are at and where you want to be. But I am too tired for all of that quite yet after a weekend of serious celebration and living in the now. In the meantime, a couple of tracks to settle into with the wake of 2011.

Today’s Emo: Ceiling of Plankton / Givers

‘and when you notice all your stars are in line / yes, yes you’ll find me’

Here is a hug of a song from one of my favorite band discoveries of the year. I have always had some strange affection for minute sea creatures (perhaps an artifact of one too many school field trips to the Oregon Coast Aquarium in my youth) and the idea of someone making you feel like there is a ceiling of invisible zooplankton floating up above you, watching over you without you being able to see it, is an awesome premise for a song. I am not even sure that’s the intent here, but that is the beauty of music, it is the image that gets stirred up in me on each listen. I love the music box chiming and shear happiness rolling throughout this track, and it echos similar sentiment to my own world on land. #emo

Today’s Untz: Need You Now / Cut Copy

‘I know we’re going crazy / but I need you now’

Here is a track that has been hitting a lot of the year’s Top 10, 20 and 50 lists, and that brought me to pinnacle dance your face off bliss on Saturday shortly before (or after?) midnight. Going to Treasure Island Fest for the first time and seeing these guys live was one of the highlights of the year, and the best way to turn 26. Smoldering 80’s prance music… feet never touch the ground. #untz


deep words

9 Sep

Another TUATE post from above, I’m writing this somewhere over middle America. The perfect way to kill time/distract myself from the crying baby on my left, who has already had his diaper changed on the seat next to me twice, and we are only 1.5 hours into the flight. Sigh.

Today’s Emo: Words / Givers

Words / Givers

‘so I choose my words so carefully / like the sun, make it glow, or they glare at me’

This is a song about (surprise) words, and the simple premise that what we say comes back around, so we should proceed with caution. Givers played hard at the Rickshaw Stop Wednesday, and this was one of the songs they rocked out the hardest to, and one of my favorites of the night. The band has a memorizing blonde drummer with hair down her back that she swings around in circles, Animal of the muppets style, when she plays and I think she had more than a few of us ladies in the audience questioning our sexuality by the end of the performance. #emo

Today’s Untz: How Deep is Your Love / The Rapture

‘I’m walking all the time / now you’re walking right next to me’

Nothing like untzing out to yourself on an airplane — this track has me foot tapping in spite of my limited leg room.  How Deep is Your Love is off of Tuesday’s release of The Rapture’s new album, The Grace of your Love, the NY dance-punk group’s first release in five years. Pleased to have. My only concern is how much the chorus of “let me hear that song” resembles Sisqo’s “let me see that thong.” Oh well. #untz

metric givers

22 Aug

I realized my emo has been a little extra emo the past month or so, with lots of tracks about breakups and nostalgia and fourteen year olds addicted to crack. Blog imitates life? While I love to get lost in the complicated side of music, it’s good to remind myself to also get lost in the clap-a-along goofy grin type songs as well. Time to cheer up a bit.

Today’s Emo: Noche Nada / Givers

Insert: Noche Nada by Givers. With an infectious chorus, jamboree beats, and an encouraging tone, I picture this being played in a movie scene, following someone down the street as they have decided to take on some epic life change. Whenever I picture scenes like this they now always star Joseph Gordon Levitt (thanks 500 Days of Summer).

I am seeing this Louisiana indie rock quartet play the Rickshaw Stop in September. When I listen Noche Nada and its building rounds, I picture the singers smiling throughout, and I can’t wait to see it live. Happy #emo

Today’s Untz: Help I’m Alive / Metric (The Twelves remix)

‘hard to be soft / tough to be tender’

One of my favorite Metric songs gets amped up disco style by Brazilian dj duo João Miguel and Luciano Oliveira, so named The Twelves because they were both born on June 12, 1980. A big crew saw them lay out Mighty after Friday of Outside Lands, but I regretably (but probably fortunately) retired to rest up for day two. I heard they nailed it. #untz