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coyote spring

20 May

My mom flies into SFO this afternoon, and I am looking forward to a weekend filled with good food, time at the park, afternoon tea and Nordstroms. She sometimes reads TUATE from my Facebook links (where she likes to also leave wallposts like ‘Dear Tory, I miss you! Love, Mom’), which is great except when my posts reference musical attributes like bedroom pop and songs best intended for behind closed doors.

Anyway, she adored the post I wrote on my dad and his Neil Young obsession, although temporarily freaked out that I had shared our home internet password with the entire worldwide web, and contacted my father in a panic, who promptly assured her things would be OK. She then foolishly admitted all of this to me over the phone for fodder, thanks mom!

Today’s Emo: Always Spring / I’m From Barcelona

‘somewhere it’s summer / somewhere it’s always spring’

Whiny but tasty on the ears, I’m From Barcelona is the type of band that both the younger, naive emo-lustful me, and current, more musically developed me could both enjoy. Always Spring, off of the group’s recent album Forever Today, offers pleasant trickles of horn, clap along beats, and earnest, concerned vocals emitting convincing though somewhat mindless lyrics.

The group is comprised of nearly half of Sweden, with the band boasting a whooping 29 members at its peak, and I find myself curious what some members are up to in this track that sounds like it was produced by a fine tuned quartet. Group size and hide and seek aside, I appreciate a dose of carefree music to help make it to the weekend. #emo

Today’s Untz: Starchaser / Coyote Kisses

During college I spent a magical semester studying abroad in Chile and my favorite bar in Valparaiso was called Coyote Quemado (flaming coyote), making Coyote Kisses an alluring find before I even listened to their songs. Sarchaser definitely lives up to the idea of flames over besos, and this track stretches my threshold of untz to its limits, but I like it. Playful, poppy beats on beats, hard sounds without being harsh, and like most good electro, some surprises interwoven throughout. Fiyah! #untz