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girl in the deep

2 Mar

Rain in San Francisco during the week = fresh pow in Tahoe for the weekend. Lemons into lemonade.

Today’s Emo: Girl in the War / Josh Ritter

but I got a girl in the war, Paul her eyes are like champagne / they sparkle, bubble over, in the morning all you got is rain

I haven’t come across any compelling indie this week so I defer to a  favorite from the vault. My love of emo originated from singer/song writers, and Josh Ritter is one of the best I know. The simplicity of sound and its contrast to the complexity in meaning make 2006’s Girl in the War captivating. Iraq, Bush, the apostles, faith, love, loss… interpret the words as you wish, or stop thinking and just listen. And listen. #emo

Today’s Untz: Rolling in the Deep (Adele Cover) / Mike Posner

there’s a fire starting in my heart / reaching a fever pitch /  it’s bringing me out the dark

Came across this track and was like, Mike Posner covering Adele?  Oh please. Then I started listening to it and was like oh, pleased. Until now I really have had nothing pleasant to say about Mr. Posner. I think that ‘Cooler Than Me’ is one of the more annoying songs of last year and that the the ’10 frat grad was more than a little self indulgent in wearing his Duke jacket in his Please Don’t Go video.

However, this effort shows talent is talent, and that I need to tone down the hating… after all I was in a sorority myself (sigh). Posner makes his take on Rolling in the Deep believable. Surprisingly heartfelt vocals, nice trickles of untz, a steady beat, and a touch of the original Adele perfectly woven in. Reminds me a little of the xx’s take on Florence and the Machine’s You Got the Love. Repeat repeat repeat. #untz