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20 Jun

Beautiful, sun filled weekend. Sad to see it over.

Today’s Emo: Cavalcade / Mitten

‘see how I’ve been living / I didn’t give up I just got busy and now / there are things I have been given / I’m trying not to throw them out’

Two things going for these girls before I even played their tracks. 1. Group name is Mitten. 2. Mitten’s recent release is called See You Bye, which is pretty damn close to kthxbai.

Naming convention skills aside, Mitten has me smitten. Brooklyn’s indie poptresses Maia Macdonald and Joanna Katcher look like they shower weekly at best, laugh at bras and only wear men’s hoodies, but they sound delightfully smooth and feminine, reminding me of a softer Tegan and Sara, or as a blogger on The Tale of the Tape put it, “Matt & Kim with loads of restraint and without Matt.”  #emo

Today’s Untz: Post Physical / Pictureplane

Denver’s Pictureplane, aka Travis Egedy, lives in a warehouse called Rhinoceropolis where he apparently likes to throw epic ragers and to tweet about transcending physical boundaries and his bowel movements. Accordingly, I was surprised how chill and mellow this track is off his upcoming album, Thee Physical, due out July 19th. Chill wave beats, gentle crooning, and slinky synth, Post Physical is the perfect track to take with your cornflakes on a sleepy Monday morning. #untz