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no one

4 Feb


Today’s Untz: No One / Moon Boots

“After getting caught in an asteroid belt and heroically breaking free, I’ve returned with new music. Free download, as always. Share if you care.” – Moon Boots.

Well I do care Moon Boots and thus I must share. I am extremely grateful for coming across his cosmic productions some time back. The trip thus far has been a good one and I look forward to hearing more of what he has to offer. Hopefully I get a chance to see him live sometime as well. #untz/tom


peanut butter

29 Aug

Today’s Untz: Peanut Butter (Moon Boots Remix) / Alison Valentine

Fellow space cadet Moon Boots had this to say about this track: “Back in June when Perseus and Jonas Rathsman and I played Wanderlust in Paris, we met Alison Valentine, a singer and flower girl from NYC. I’ll never forget that she brought flowers to the show… She brought me flowers, I made her a remix…”

I’d say that’s a pretty sweet deal. The original actually thumps pretty hard along side some heavily tweaked lyrics. It had a more natural sounding bass line whereas the remix is more electronic. I am loving the Moon Boots bass grooves and it must be heard of a some serious speakers to really appreciate it.

Moon Boots takes this remix to a much dreamier soundscape. It’s a casual bass driven and piano backed end of the summer jam. You can’t help but feel at ease while listening to this. #untz/tom


2 Jul

Today’s Untz: Headphones (Moon Boots Remix) / Little Boots

Hop on this free remix today before it’s gone. Moon Boots, in typical fashion, takes a fine indie track from Little Boots and transforms it into a carefree dance tune. One that would be perfect for almost any moment whether that be in the club or on the beach.

I’ve been traveling for the last 12 hours so I’m short for words. Even with my brain relatively fried, I’ve got a sudden burst of positive energy thanks to the booootss. #untz/tom