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rebellion in the air

21 Oct

Right when I was slipping into mourning that Treasure Island was over (approximately 10:55 pm Sunday night) I remembered the Bridge School Benefit Concert is this Saturday. The parentals have flown in from Oregon and we are heading down to South Bay this afternoon with my sister in tow. Excited to see my dad lose his shit over Neil Young (again), hear Mumford and Sons and Arcade Fire stripped down to acoustics, and, however shameful to admit, for my first ever Dave Matthews experience (teenage dream?)

 Today’s Emo: Rebellion (Lies) / Sophie Ellis-Bextor (Arcade Fire cover)

‘sleeping is giving in / no matter what the time is / sleeping is giving in / so lift those heavy eyelids’

In tribute to Saturday’s lineup, a pleasant female take on an Arcade Fire classic. Nothing crazy or novel here, just a chill, steady cover of one of my favorite songs. This is the first I have heard of Sophie Ellis-Bextor, but the tune appears to be a departure from her typical flare as a ‘cult discopopstar,’ crafted in contribution to a charity album.  I get a lot of flack from my friends for playing hard and then consistently crashing early, but this song always gets me stirring to dance all night… until I close my eyes. #emo

Today’s Untz: In the Air / Morgan Page (Mord Fustang remix)

I’m feeling a / feeling a change / in the air’

Playtime. Estonian producer and product of the 90’s Mord Fustang rattles Morgan Page’s In the Air into something inescapably dance inducing. The lyrics are emo and longing laced, but the steady builds and beats have my feet off the ground. Great work from such a youngster.  Happy weekend. #untz