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candy rawr

16 Feb

Sleepy. Rainy. Wednesday.

Today’s Emo: Candy / Paolo Nutini

oh I’ll be there / waiting for you’

I always assumed Paolo Nutini was from Latin America, perhaps because of his name. Sounds Brazilian. Then I heard Candy, and Nutini’s Scottish chops shined through. Somehow smooth and coarse at the same time, he sounds like a sexy young smoker, with a bit of Mumford and Sons and Avett Brothers tossed in.

Candy boasts one of my favorite music videos, showcasing a delightful little wedding south of the boarder. The location had me temporarily questioning Nutini’s nationality again, but confusion aside, I really enjoy the cinematography and simple happiness here. Things also get pretty steamy at the end. The last few clips are just marginally safe for work, depending on computer screen size. With all the love in the air, perhaps this would have been a more apropos selection for Monday’s v-day post, but it serves well to warm up this rainy midweek. And it means more when it’s just because instead of some corporate Hallmark fueled holiday, right? #emo

Today’s Untz: I Can’t Behave Myself / Deadmau5 ft. Neon Hitch


While I was a bit disappointed with Deadmau5’s newest album, 4×4=12, this track makes up for some of the other songs’ lackluster untz. It is hard for me to resist strong female vocals on some serious beats, and when you toss in growling animal noises, I’m done. Dark club, speakers up, yes.

I owe a lot to Deadmau5 (pronounced mouse, not mau-five), aka scrawny Canadian dj Joel Zimmerman, because it was while experiencing one of his live sets that I fell in love with the untz. Love his signature bobbing mouse head, trancey collaborations with Kaskade, and that he posts live video casts of himself mixing stuff on his computer while talking to himself. Mostly I just love the way his music makes me feel. Like I want to misbehave. #untz