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fade into everything

25 Nov

I have to blog in hiding from my one year old nephew because he is completely mesmerized by macbooks and tries to swallow them whole. My sister obtained a strange device that converted her old iPhone into a toy for him to play with. Hopefully he will take to music as much as he does to technology.

Today’s Emo: Fade Into You / Mazzy Star

‘some kind of light into your darkness’

My dad played his Best of Bridge School compilation all of Thanksgiving Day, and coming across this track again was a welcome reunion of sound. Fade into You is the kind of track you would imagine slow dancing to at prom if they played artists with a degree of complexity beyond Beyonce, with a steady sway to it that lingers. It settles into you so nicely.

The duo of Mazzy Star has released their first new song in fifteen years, Common Burn, in October, and while it is easy on the ears it doesn’t strike quite the same chord with me. Still worth a listen, and this track definitely worth a revisit. #emo

Today’s Untz: Everything in its Right Place / Radiohead (Tensnake remix)

‘everything in it’s right place’

Something I am thankful for: this edit of Radiohead’s Everything by Hamburg based dj/producer, Tensnake. The remix has been blowing up the blogesphere and dominating my speakers all week. It has been hard to track down an online version, but YouTube to the rescue. Right place, right now. #untz