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love den

20 Jan

I am leaving rainy San Francisco to fly off to Panama tomorrow morning, where I will be off the grid for the next eight days amidst surf and sand and sea and little to no contact with the outside world. TUATE will be back in a week or so, in the meantime two great songs to tide you over.

Today’s Emo: Brains / Lower Dens

‘don’t be afraid / everything will change while you’re asleep’

Brains begins with a sprawling intro, like you are going to be taken on some journey with the song a la Arcade Fire. And then you are, driving forward with every layer upon layer of sound. The track is the first release off of Baltimore foursome Lower Dens’ sophomore album, Nootropics, and its discovery left me wondering how the hell I managed to miss these guys (and girl) the first time around. I suppose all’s well that ends well– I am spending the morning getting lost in their debut, and now have something to look forward to come May. Download the track for free on the band’s site. #emo

Today’s Untz: Somebody to Love / Rusko

‘everybody’s looking for that somebody to love’

It is rare that I can take spoonfuls of dubstep with my coffee and manage to keep it down, but this song has created the perfect morning (or anytime) blend. Palatable with the right mix of classy vocals and epic drops, Somebody to Love has me back on the Rusko bandwagon. Also, the music video of an elderly couple rocking out in a club is pretty sweet in its own right. Maybe I should blast this when I wake up at 4:30 am to to head off to SFO tomorrow. #untz


girl eyes

25 Mar

Lilith Fair watch out, cause today’s post has a lot of lady in it. Perfect timing for two of my best girlfriends from college arriving into San Fran tonight. Shout out to Ms. Diaz down in Peru, you will be with us in spirit, and we will send you some love. Napa here we come, rain and all.

Today’s Emo:  Eyes / Still Corners (Rouge Wave cover)

I can handle a lot / but one thing I’m missing / is in your eyes / in your eyes

Chirping crickets, willowy vocals, this song makes me want to sleep under the stars somewhere warm and far away. I first heard Eyes in a LG cellphone commercial about a neighborhood coming together to fix an antique carousel (random, but kind of fitting). While Rouge Wave’s original version is sigh inducing in its own right, London Based Still Corners adds something soft and shimmery here that I want to curl up in. Beyond #emo

Today’s Untz: Stop Hey (Rusko remix) / The Sunday Girl

‘I’m afraid of tomorrow / when I wake up you’ll be gone’

This intro is so untzy and hard to understand that I thought I had stumbled onto something in Russian. Not so much.

I get jealous when people born in the same year as me are wicked talented at creating music, and Rusko is an amazing dj from Leeds who just turned 26. He injects serious beats into Sunday Girl’s pretty but kind of weepy sounding Stop Hey and turns it into a remix that makes me want to dance my way through the end of this rainy week La Roux and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs style. Happiest of Fridays, per usual. #untz