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dream work

29 Feb

February 29th! Leap Day. I always take ‘holidays’ (I use the term loosely here) as a chance to reflect back and take stock on where I was on that day the year prior, but Leap Day requires a deeper delve back into the past. Four years ago I was a senior in college, battling the bitter cold of Chicagoland winter and studying for midterms, my future unknown. Now I find myself four years into ‘adulthood’ (I use the term loosely here) and firmly nestled into sunny California. Four years from now I will be who knows where, and THIRTY. Today is a friendly reminder that time is moving, whether we notice it or not. Gotta eat up each minute of it, and fill it with music.

Today’s Indie: The Dream Has Faded / Geographer

‘don’t you think it kinda looks like / like we’re driving straight into nothing / like we’re trying to catch it in our headlights / but the night just keeps on running’

San Francisco’s own Geographer released their new album, Myth, yesterday and my burning anticipation was met with sweet musical relief. The album further proves these guys are the real deal, with smooth yet disrupting synth-rock, arcing 80’s-inspired-but-better vocals, stirring lyrics and a sound that is decidedly their own. I love the way Geographer’s music makes me feel, and the degree to which I feel it, and I think that is one of the best things you can say about music.

This wistful and rolling song, The Dream Has Faded, is my favorite so far, but you can stream the whole album via Paste Magazine and choose one for yourself. #indie

Today’s Untz: Body Work / Morgan Page ft. Tegan and Sara

‘I get shy in these lights I feel your body doing overtime’

It is a beautiful thing when both my worlds get so perfectly satisfied by the same song. Indie veterans and sisters Tegan and Sara team up with DJ Morgan Page and the result is something almost as dance worthy as their classic track with Tiesto, Feel it in my Bones. Sexy, sexy dance pop.

The collaboration happened a while back but officially debuted this week with a new music video. Enjoy. #untz