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15 Aug

First, an announcement. After over a year of having Tom as my Untz co-pilot, we have decided to go our separate ways again, from an internet real estate perspective. I will go back to being the sole contributor to TUATI and Tom will be putting his full efforts into his own blog instead of trying to keep both up at once. Rest assured, this is an amicable separation of musical paths, and we are happily still sharing physical real estate and our lives together. We are also sure to see many guest posts from Tom along the way!

I am excited to revisit full creative ownership of this labor of love of a blog, which will be celebrating its third birthday in January. And now, the tunes.

Today’s Indie: You / The 1975

Now here is a song to listen to on repeat while driving around the city engulfed by this August’s seemingly never ending fog when you find yourself in a temporary fit of summer blues and want to indulge in them. You is a morose in a  good way dweller on the “it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to’  stirrings of the angry kind of heartbreak.  It’s an alt rock gem with angst ridden biting lyrics and a great pick up in the end. The track is off Manchester’s The 1975’s somewhat uninspired-ly named Sex EP.  #indie/tory