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broken concerto

13 Jul

‘He’s rigged a tiny cassette player with a small set of foam earphones to listen to demo tapes and rough mixes. Occasionally he’ll hand the device to Mindy, wanting her opinion, and each time, the experience of the music pouring directly against her eardrums–hers alone– is a shock that makes her eyes well up; the privacy of it, the way it transforms her surroundings into a golden montage, as if she were looking back…’ – Jennifer Egan / A Visit from the Goon Squad

Wednesday. Thank god for headphones.

Today’s Emo: Winter Beats / I Break Horses

Christmas in July! Swedish duo Maria Liden and Fredrik Balck have produced some cozy musical layers for us to snuggle into in spite of the the heat of these summer months with yesterday’s release of Winter Beats. The timing could actually not be better with the cold spell rolling through San Francisco, leaving a permanent layer of white low hanging clouds over us all.

The vocals are almost childlike, the synth sharp, and the vibe surprisingly dreamy considering it comes from a group called I Break Horses. The sweeping sound makes me think of Sufjan’s Steven’s Chicago. I Break Horses release their debut album, less originally named Hearts, in mid August. Pleased to have. #emo

Today’s Untz: Warrior Concerto / the Glitch Mob

This is not your sixth grade orchestra. The intro to Warrior Concerto starts like a happier, less frenzied version of the epic strings build in the theme to Requiem for a Dream, and moves its way into something triumphant and then playful. Beats meet strings, strings flourish and meet more serious beats, ears meet happiness. The Glitch Mob is an electro tripod from LA with a new EP, We Can Make the World Stop, out yesterday. Download the track off their site for free here. #untz