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sure thing

10 Sep

Today’s Indie: Sure Thing / Trails and Ways

‘even when the sky is fallin’ / even when the sun don’t shine / I got faith in you and I / so put your pretty hand in mine’

Oakland trio Trails and Ways has grabbed my attention yet again this summer, this time with a cover of Miguel’s Sure Thing. Their sexy duet feels like a classic 90’s lower the lights slow jam met with an indie twist, and laced with clever lyrical divergence (listen carefully).

Sure Thing has me hitting repeat just like with their cover of Miracle and original track, Nunca, and I can’t wait to catch these locals live. Happy Monday.  #indie/tory


trails and ways

12 Jul

Today’s Indie: Miracle / Trails and Ways (Ghost Beach cover)

‘it’s a miracle / I’m in love again’

While knee deep in one of the most annoying Powerpoint projects of all time, we have had one of those day dreamy mornings of packing it all up and heading west to Hawaii to build a sustainable treehouse bed and breakfast and live our life amidst the surf and sun. Yeah, one of those mornings. What better soundtrack for it all than Trails and Way’s new cover of Ghost Beach’s Miracle? The Oakland quartet bursted into the summer scene with their beautiful song Nunca, and now this tropically infused cover can carry me right through Labor Day. The band calls their take a “dreamy, sun-bleached bossanova jam.” Yep, sounds perfect.

‘I never wanted to work for pieces of paper / but I guess that’s all I get’

As a bonus track, here is Nunca. #indie / tory

Nunca / Trails and Ways