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black ce soir

28 Mar

Epic adventures with old friends all weekend. No time to write.

Today’s Emo: Ce Soir / Monogrenade

With the exception of Sigur Ros’ Icelandic gibberish, and Shakira being way better of a singer and songwriter when she sticks to her native tongue, I like my music in English. Perhaps its because I am so lyrically conscious. I don’t speak a lick of French, but one listen of Ce Soir had me hitting repeat and going to¬†freetranslation.com to try and figure out what this beautiful song was about. Something sad.

I thought it quite romantic to fall in love with a French song, but turns out Monogrenade is from Montreal. I guess French Canadians can be sexy too. Gentle guitar, silky vocals, and a steady beat, with a bit of a James Bond crescendo in the middle. Beautiful. Merci beaucoup. #emo

Today’s Untz: Black and Blue (Netsky remix) / Miike Snow

‘the dog is always barking at the mailman’

Miike Snow’s Burial came on at dinner the other night, and drove me to revisit the whole album, which I hadn’t done in months due to my over listening to things I love addiction. What a great revisit it was, track to track. Then I came on this sped up version of one of my favorites on Hypem and it felt like a sign for sharing. Hopefully the Swedes come out with some new material of their own soon so I can get sick of it. #untz