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8 Aug

Today’s Indie: Sleepless / Tropics

‘when the sun gives off its morning light / you’ve still got sleep in your eyes’

Running Man / Tropics

Ah this is the fun part of blogging. My friend Eric is in a band! And they are good!  Providing lush indie folk rock with a San Franciscan twist I think (unbiasedly, of course) the group is on to something here. With Claire George’s crisp, birdlike crooning and a moveable melody, I can picture waking up to Sleepless on a Sunday morning and rubbing my own sleep out, while the band takes a more fierce while still easy on the ears approach with their track Running Man.

“Fueled by a never ending supply of red wine and peanut M&Ms, Tropics are currently playing shows in San Francisco, and planning to record their debut album this coming fall,” says the quintet. Excited to check out their frist show next Tuesday, August 15th at the Boom Boom Room. $5 at the door… join us. #indie/tory