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14 Sep

This week I exchanged my demon red glaring “EH EH EH” blaring alarm clock for the gentle dim blue glow of an iHome, which pleasantly (if not ironically) woke me up with Phoenix’s Love Like a Sunset (part II) the other morning. I am reminded how changing little things in life can make a big difference.

Today’s Emo: For 12 / Other Lives

‘but it feels like forever / when your mind turns to fiction’

Another gem off of Other Lives’ new album, Tamer Animals. Like Desert, For 12 reminds me of a country western opus, with a cowboy strumming around a campfire, horse hoof beats, and a stirring for yesteryear. Cool and calm while awakening, this is the kind of music I rely on as my backdrop during a long work day when I need to stay steady. Looking forward to seeing OL open for Bon Iver at the Greek in a couple weeks… beyond excited to hear them and Justin Vernon’s Christmas morning creaks. #emo

Today’s Untz: Life’s a Fati (Nas vs. Washed Out) / Wait What

‘design, you’ve got / the life to guide / your faith decides / the world’s your goal to find’

This is very overdue. My good friend Charlie Kubal (aka Wait What) has been working mashup magic  for a couple of years now and it’s about time one of his gems is featured on TUATE. While I am not partial to the hip hop world (you may have noticed) I am making an exception for Wait What’s new single, Life’s a Fati, which somehow works for me in the way  his entire Notorious xx album (Biggie + the xx) worked for me. My only complaint for that project is I can’t hear the original Islands without missing a beat when the rap doesn’t kick in.

With one of my favorite Washed Out track here, Charlie makes the emo and the hop somehow sound like they were made to be played together.  Not an easy feat. Excited to hear his upcoming full album release on the 20th. Stay tuned. #untz